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How To Save Space With The Family Over This Christmas

Spending Christmas with family? Here is what you need to know! 

Christmas is such a joyous time – Christmas lights, parties, and excitement levels growing by the day… it's all part of the festive season. But perhaps the best thing about Christmas is having the family over and spending precious time with your loved ones.


Often, we don’t get to see a lot of our family all year round, so we may be looking forward to Christmas as a special time to be together, but let’s be honest, it can also be stressful, especially when it comes to finding enough space to put everybody up.


So, when you’ve got Grandma and Grandad in the spare room, Uncle Jim and Auntie Clare in the kid’s room, the kids are on the sofa, and now Auntie Pat wants to come for a couple of days, how on earth do you fit everyone in?


The solution, my friends, is very simple:

You should invest in a sofabed, and here’s why:


Sofabeds are a triumph in multifunctional design:

Sofabeds are unrivalled when it comes to versatility. They provide you with a comfortable sofa that you can use daily, but when you do have those extra Christmas guests you have an extra double bed at your disposal, without compromising on space. So, having the family over for Christmas can be a pleasure rather than a chore.


They are a trouble-free solution:

Sofabeds, particularly the ones we provide at Sofas & Sleep, are designed to be very easy to use.  The bed pulls out effortlessly (which is just well if you’ve had more than a few sherries on Christmas Day) and are very quick and simple to put away, so you will still have space for a Christmas party dance floor.


They provide extra storage:

A lot of sofabeds have an inbuilt storage space which comes in extra useful. Think about it: you’ve already been up to the attic countless times to search for the Christmas tree, the decorations and all the Christmas lights. Keeping the spare bedding to hand in the sofabed’s inbuilt storage space makes the whole occasion much simpler. Besides, you’ll need the room in the attic to hide all the kid’s Christmas presents!


Sofabeds are stylish:

When you’ve spent hours adorning your home with beautiful Christmas decorations that will make you the envy of your friends and neighbours, the last thing you want is a mattress on the floor or an unsightly inflatable bed spoiling the whole effect. Our sofabeds at Sofas & Sleep are designed not only to be functional but to look beautiful in your home.


They are super-comfortable:

At Sofas & Sleep, when we design any piece of furniture, we make comfort the top priority. For our sofabeds, we use deep cushioning for the seating and quality foam mattresses for the pull-out beds. So, whether you’re using it as a sofa on which to chill and watch a Christmas movie or as a spare bed for Auntie Pat to get a good night’s sleep, a sofabed from us will be just the job this Christmas.


So, this Christmas, make the right decision with a Sofabed, available now from the Sofas & Sleep Website.


Oh, and make sure you check out our latest Offers and Discounts, valid now until the 24th December. Just a little Christmas gift from us to you!  


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